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History of our Chapel
In 1838, Rev. Benjamin Jenkins was holding Christian services with bible reading, prayers and worship in a cottage at the Hawthorns.
In 1849 Sarah Dawes sold him ten perches of land for £15 and building of the chapel commenced. It was opened in 1857 and enlarged in 1858 with the help of mine owner Cornelius Brain and his sons. The chapel was named "Rehoboth" meaning "Now the Lord has made room for us".

A separate building, the schoolrooms, was started next door in 1888, the cost being recorded as £426.12s.0d. This is the red brick property to the left. In 1893 a manse (home) was provided for the minister. In 1908 there were 205 members.
From 1857 until 1893 the singing was led by a man playing the flute. For many years afterwards the flute was to be found hanging on the wall of ai house called "Cypress Villa", just a few yards up me road from the chapel.
The pipe organ was purchased in 1893, at a cost of £120. At the turn of the century 400 children attended the Sunday School.
The Rev. F. J. Maslin was Minister in 1923 - his son Charley was six feet ten and a half inches tall!!
Central heating was installed in 1924 and electric lighting two years later.
Since the 1930*s, membership has declined and eventually the manse and the schoolrooms were abandoned. The schoolrooms are now two private houses.
We are a small group of Christians, but together with several friends and visitors we look forward to the time when the chapel will once again be filled, and become a focus for our community.